STAFF PORTRAIT – Chantai, Social worker

Chantai works in the reintegration team of SENGSAVANG. She is in charge of relations with the victims before and after their stay in the shelter. She has joined SENGSAVANG two years ago now. “When I joined SENGSAVANG I did not know anything. I learned everything with Mrs Khattignavong. What is hard in that job is when you go in the field and you have to deal with many different actors and there are a lot of unforeseen events. Also I follow a lot of girls and at the same time who are very different from each other but they all need to be reassured. So I talk a lot with them.”

What do you like  in your job?

This position has many interesting and different tasks together but is also very challenging as I have to deal directly with the victims. I help them, support them in finding good opportunities and reinforcing their capacity to take care of themselves. Human trafficking is one of the main issues in Lao PDR, it needs to be fought. I directly help these people, deeply understand their problems and what they have encountered. I am proud of being part of SENGSAVANG’s work to reduce this problem.

What is most useful for the victims in all that you do?

What I have done here is useful and important for the victims, but the most useful I think is the coaching. I help them to build a better future by talking, sitting with them and sharing their problems and finding solutions with them. It seems that I am a relative, part of their family.

How is working for SENGSAVANG different from your past jobs ?

I did not have many experiences in the past. I used to work with private companies and in comparison with SENGSAVANG they have very different goals and vision. Their outcome is profit whereas SENGSAVANG’s outcome is to give a better future to actual victims and to reduce the number of victims in the future.
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