Volunteer With Us

If you have time to give and are committed to our cause we are keen to welcome you among our team. Tell us how you can and want to support SENGSAVANG, either online or on site, through our Facebook page or through our email.

SENGSAVANG is a small NGO with almost exclusively local staff. We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer with us and provide guidance or a specific skillset. We offer long, middle and short term volunteer opportunities.

Our long-term opportunities can go up to one year, and our needs include support in project management, fundraising and grant management, and accounting and finances.

These positions are also available for mid-term placements of up to 3 months. We further welcome volunteers in database analysis, communication and IT, psychosocial assistance such as psychologists, art therapists or social workers, marketing/social enterprise and microbusiness management, and trainers in computer skills, English, Thai, beauty and hygiene, tailoring, etc.

We hope to see you soon at SENGSAVANG!

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