Make A Donation

SENGSAVANG needs donations to secure funding for our project. We are very grateful for any amount, big or small, as every donation will help transform the lives of vulnerable girls and women in Laos give them a chance for recovery, building resilience, and starting a new life.

Though SENGSAVANG mostly depends on institutional donors, individual donations are very important to us. We can use them to cover one-off, extremely important needs, such as medical bills if one of our residents falls ills or needs intensive care as a result of abuse, or, on a lighter side, to organize art therapy or extra-curricular activities for our residents, who are in desperate need of fun and creative outlets.

If you would like to help fundraise for SENGSAVANG, for example through sporting events, yoga retreats, or bake or yard sales, you can let us know through our Facebook page, through our contact form. We value your time and support!