Who we help

Direct beneficiaries of our project are female victims and girls at high risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, usually aged 12 to 27 years. Most of the victimised girls were rescued from brothels or other entertainment venues in Thailand, then repatriated to Laos and brought to our rehabilitation centre. The girls at risk who we support in our shelter either worked in entertainment places in Laos or lived in rural and poor communities where trafficking is a serious concern.

Indirect beneficiaries of our work are the families and communities who are affected by the trafficking of their members. They benefit not only because we care for their loved ones, but also because a successful reintegration of the girls after successful rehabilitation fosters socio-economic improvements and higher income generation opportunities for the whole family and the community. Furthermore, at risk communities in which a rehabilitated girl is reintegrated become more aware of migration and trafficking issues, and thus, are less vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.
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