Sewing Cooporative

The Sewing Cooperative provides many services. Tailor-made clothing is available for locals in Savannakhet, customers can bring their own fabric or even choose from a selection of cottons they carry, for lao skirts (sinhs), shirts, jackets for both sexes. Visitors can come to the centre shop to be measured, and also there they can buy items produced by the team. We also make orders for businesses in Laos, sending products to Vientiane and Luang Prabang, as well as overseas companies. The Social Enterprise Manager at the centre, an English-speaker, overseas orders for the team and provides final quality control.

Sengsavang Sewing Cooperative consists of a team leader who has been at the centre for a time and is a competent sewer, she guides the team on sewing orders, and products for sale, and then the team changes with a mix of new trainees and competent young women who have been sewing for some time. When the women go back to their villages they can still be called on to sew for larger orders. Many young women have managed to start their own businesses once they return home.

Whilst the centre works with a nearby PhuTai weaving village, ordering the well-know indigo ikat fabrics, Sengsavang is also reviving weaving skills. There are several looms at the centre and young women train in weaving. Cloth produced at the centre is often used for making products.. This is a way we can not only keep the tradition alive but keep our costs down for production of items to sell.