Who we are

SENGSAVANG is a small French non-governmental, non-partisan and non-religious organisation providing protection and assistance to victims and girls at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Laos. In addition to providing holistic care and recovery for those rescued, we offer education, job skills development and micro-business starter kits to support a sustainable community reintegration as an active family support. Our work also includes prevention and awareness raising activities, advocacy and campaigning as well as representation and participation in women's issues at national and international forums.

SENGSAVANG was established in France in 1996 and operates in Laos since June 2006. Our main strategic decisions are made by the board of director based in France. Thereupon, activities are implemented by local staff in Laos under the guidance of the Lao country director. Our local team is composed of Lao nationals managed by one expatriate and supported regularly by a few international volunteers.

SENGSAVANG is a Laotian word meaning "shining light". It can also be translated with “nurturing light” or “light chasing the shadows” which perfectly captures our impact on the lives of the girls we care for. To date, we supported over 500 girls and young woman in our rehabilitation centre located in Savannakhet, one of the main hubs of cross-border trafficking to Thailand, and realised prevention activities for more than 13,000 people. By taking actions to reduce social and economic vulnerability, we address the root causes of this issue and prevent trafficking or exploitation in the long run. Through securing financial independence and awareness raising we help cutting off the supply for sex trade and forced labour.
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