Vi was identified by our outreach team as she was working in a bar in the province of Savannakhet, Laos. She came to our shelter in 2010 to receive holistic care and be trained in beauty. After 6 months of vocational training, she was hired in SENGSAVANG beauty salon where she could develop her skills.

In 2013 she was supported by SENGSAVANG to open her own beauty salon in Savannakhet. She was doing quite well and after a few months she decided to move to another place better located that just appeared to be available.

Thanks to her skills and hard work and wise decisions, Vi’s business has grown fast. For now, Vi works hard and lives with a friend in a shared house so she can save money. She plans to buy her own shop next year and in a few years a land to build her house. Her sister, who was also trained by SENGSAVANG, joined her last year and they have a very successful business together. The two girls do not want to go back in their village because they will not have any opportunity there. They sometimes visit their family and give them some support.

When asked what SENGSAVANG changed in her life, Vi said that before getting in the program she had no idea about how she can earn some money. During her training and the time working in our beauty salon she learned everything she needs to run a business and she is very grateful.

SENGSAVANG has a sustainable impact on her life. If it happens that some girls working in prostitution come to her salon Vi tries to convince them to leave and tell them about her own experience. She became herself an advocate for women empowerment and this is the way to change society.

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  1. Vis story is inspiring. We wish her luck with her future plans.

  2. good job, Vi, I will go visit the SENGSAVANG , when i go to Laos, great name , my son’s name is Sengsavang. keep up the good work.

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